Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Play dates today. Erin's friend Viviana came over. Shortly after, Zoe showed up for Lanie. One of them spied the pack of water guns I had stashed away for warmer days, and since today qualified for one of those, we opened them up.

Before I know it, they're convincing me to turn on the sprinklers. Erin shared an extra suit with Vivi (her nickname for Viviana). And Zoe brought her own (apparently, Lanie had this all planned out ahead of time). I planted marigolds along the walkway.

Even after the older girls had their fill, the two younger ones continued jumping and squealing. Later, I catch them wrapped in towels walking through the yard. Viviana's mom showed up to get her and I met her out on the back patio, just in time to catch Erin and Vivi running as fast as their little legs would carry them down the field, princess pool towels like capes around them.

I love the memory of those two littles, dashing down a field, a colorful blur of a precious friendship.

I love when no one wants the fun to end.

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