Thursday, May 30, 2013

Feels like summer vacation

It is homeschool month at Hershey Park. Our co-op did a group order of tickets. Shane joined us, and it was big fun.

We did!

Erin measured a Reese's cup, and Lanie was a Hershey bar for ride eligibility. (I know Lanie especially hopes to grow to Twizzler status for next year.) Lanie did lots of roller coasters and water rides. Erin did lots of non-roller coaster rides and frolicked in the water park. Literally frolicked.

I was talking to Shane about how Lanie has a thrill seeker in her that always surprises me. She seems so shy and meek--I don't think anyone expects her to do the stuff she does. It's like Nella's dance--it was always inside her, just waiting to come out. Same with Lanie and how she likes the rush. She rode the Super Dooper Looper.

Lanie and Scout

I didn't go on with her. I rode it back in middle school, and that was enough for me. I did ride the water slides and raft rides with her, one roller coaster, and I also did a number non-coaster rides.

Erin spied whack-a-mole and wanted to play it. She didn't win, but then this awesome teenager comes walking past her and hands her a toy--she was surprised, and we were so blessed by his kindness.

Erin at whack-a-mole

It was fun being there with friends from co-op. Even though we all did our own thing, it was really neat seeing friends all throughout the park. Lanie's music teacher sat behind her on The Comet. We ran into them again and the pre-k teacher on the flume ride. Lanie's pal Scout accompanied her on many of the rides. And we did a water/raft ride with the 4th grade history teacher and her daughter.

I baked some chocolate chip/white chip cookies for part of a picnic lunch--and can I just say the upgrade to preferred parking is totally worth it. We were steps from the entrance, which made picnicking and leaving at the end of the day such a breeze.

Shane dozed a couple of times on the ride home. I stole a few glances his way, at his tanned skin, and the latest gray/white hairs along his hairline--full of good feelings at what a great dad he is to his girls, and how much I love him.

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