Thursday, May 16, 2013

Last day of K

end of kindergarten

first day of school
Lanie's headed to fifth grade, and Erin is going to first. But before that, it's the first day of summer vacation! We've got a date with friends today, and NO HOMEWORK! Ahead of me, my own gluttonous summer reading list, frisbee flying, pool splashing, cookouts, read-alouds in the field under a walnut tree, and day trips.

We'll still keep up with some light schooling stuff probably ... ok, maybe ... ish. I'll think about that--tomorrow. Piano recital this weekend, and dance recitals in June.

However, first things first.

So glad for this year.

I loved teaching kindergarten.

Loved. It.

Driving out of the parking lot, I remembered Lanie's end of kindergarten. And now it's Erin's turn. Window rolled down, I gave a wave to friends on the playground and chatted Nate's mom a bit. Then we just merged onto the big road to head off to more celebrations (Shane and his sister's birthday dinner). My kids were only thinking about freezer pops.

Hello, summer. 

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