Monday, May 6, 2013

One thousand gifts and still counting (4161-4187)

that you make beauty from my heartache
every good thing, life is so sweet
that I can trust you when I stand before Goliath
spice cake

busy days and the panting pace of back-to-back everything
mulch, completed
herbs to plant
interval training with the push mower up the hill
azaleas in bloom

fragrant air
blue, blue sky
nature sounds all around me
sunburn across our noses
tanned hands

a wheelbarrow
ice cream scoops at a very nearby creamery
offerings burned up, gifts to you
dogwoods in bloom
coffee and scones with a neighbor

and her honesty and hugs
and for being here, now
snake stomper boots
every breath

the rich perfume of lilacs
tadpoles on the pool cover

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