Monday, May 20, 2013

One thousand gifts and still counting (4211-4236)

kindergarteners around me during a show
last days of homework
and a last day of school--whoo-hoo
and tadpole catching in the pool

how their mama held one son on the hip and another by shirt tails
kids riding bikes down a steep hill, grins a mile wide
"monkey" hunting in my back yard
matching "home sweet home"s
how her little one finished her sentences when she read to him

the thread that wove our lives together (You, God)
and Lanie giving glimpses of her now, even if it doesn't seem as pretty as before

Julie's baby falling asleep in my arms
chocolate in the freezer
the green season

a frog to hand to Erin
and summer dreams of field picnics and read-alongs under walnut trees

summer roommates--Lanie and Erin
a piano recital
and Linda with us

summer, stretched out long before us
table chats with Nicole as a dance season wraps up
a trophy for Lanie
singing next to Linda
worship at church, 4 rows back

a butterfly in the weeds


R. Julie said...

I LOVE that my name frequently makes your idea of 'gifts' :)

Courtney said...

I think God is transforming my love language to gifts, especially as I see how he gives great gifts to me all the time (like a sister like you!)