Monday, May 27, 2013

One thousand gifts and still counting (4237-4263)

ice cream scoops to celebrate friends' last day of school

Elmos who accompany
the scent of knockout roses
running into friends in the world

hot days
and cold days
asparagus on the grill
etchings that profess love, in paint
chats with Cindy on FB

and primrose that likes me
pool chemicals
a phone call from David
how he tells me he loves me
a print that reminds me of my family

frog song while I hold it
columbine, my new favorite
hot, creamy coffee
a snake sighting
a day off together, all of us

a cheerier talk with my dad
and for a (different, other) call, mercifully interrupted
another good Bible study
two girls giggling non-stop while we shopped
and the best day ever between them as sisters

how You are in the details
a barter for services
breakfast for a crowd, under budget

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