Sunday, May 5, 2013

Spice cake and hospitality

My first real steps into hospitality, outside of hosting family for holidays or neighbors for cookie swaps, was when I organized meals for our former co-op. I don't remember the first meal I made, but I do remember including our favorite white chip/chocolate chip cookies.

When the mom thanked me, she told me how her husband's cancer treatments left him so sick that he couldn't eat any foods--except the cookies. She wanted the recipe. And sometimes when I made them later, I made extra and gave them to her.

This past week, I had a tender honor to serve a teammate at church by helping coordinate food for after the funeral service of her husband of 50+ years. She's been on my mind these weeks as I learned of her husband's failing health, and last Sunday he died.

This move has meant so much to us personally, as we are in a great spot for serving our church better. I am amazed at the number of people I've met just because I live here. Oh, the difference here makes.

I put myself down to make potato salad and a spice cake for after the funeral. I received this note in my in-box:

Courtney, I don't know how I missed it before but thought you should know there is a sweet history with "spice cake" not only is it Frank's favorite but in fact was the very thing that wooed Frank in his courtship to Freda.  It was then his decision to marry was cemented.  What a treasure this will bring his beloved bride.

I just smile and delight in how The Lord is knitting all the details for this gathering.  A big smile :-) and gentle hugs.


While a 7-year-old guest rather recently criticized the overall cleanliness of my house, this note underscores that hospitality is about service and love. It's about opening house or heart, and letting God do His work in that offering. Even if there's dog hair on the furniture.

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