Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Table talk

We went to an end-of-year performance last night at the co-op. Shane, Erin and I got our seats. A friend came over, "Can Sage sit with Erin?"

"Of course!"

Katie across the aisle saw us, and before I knew it, she's on my lap by her classmates.

"Where's Nate?" Erin asked. I got up to get him.

Nate and Katie on my lap. Erin and Sage to my side. Our nearly complete kindergarten class. Shane looked at me and smiled, and I can't help but think--see, I told you I wanted more kids!

After the performance, we were getting ready to go home and Shane took the girls to get cookies in the reception area.

A woman approached me. I had seen her in the sanctuary.

"Didn't you go to (the other co-op)?" she asked.

"Yes," I said. Brow furrowed. "You saw me?"

I served about eight times a year there, and didn't really hang around. I never expected that anyone would actually see me. I said as much, "Most of the time I feel like I'm invisible."

She looked sad for a moment. So I corrected, "No, really, it's ok. It's a superpower." (I later found out she was a psychiatrist. Great.)

Me, behind the scenes and comfortable in anonymity.

I told the story of that woman tonight at the dinner table.

"Do you want to be invisible?" Lanie asked.

Hmm. I'm not sure I ever thought about that.

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