Tuesday, June 18, 2013

On Betsy and Tacy and loose teeth

Erin and I are reading through the Betsy-Tacy series. The first book starts off about two neighbor girls, five years old, named Betsy and Tacy. It's our special time together to sit and cuddle, and she jumps so eagerly into the storyline. Today, reading of two nickels, and the story girls thinking five plus five equaled nine. I read on to the next line, and Erin says, "Five plus five isn't nine, Mom! It's ten!"

She stops me from reading for a second to show me her wiggly tooth. Shows me how it bends forwards and backwards, and I think of last firsts. The last first tooth to lose.

"Come with me," I say. "Let me take a picture of your smile with all your baby teeth. That one is going to come out soon, and I want one more picture of you with your baby teeth."

She didn't want to wiggle it for the picture, and I'm ok with that. Not a fan of wiggly teeth in general.


R. Julie said...

It's so funny how we think of 'the lasts'; I remember looking at Jerusha's toothless smile knowing a tooth was about to sprout and thinking, "This is the last time I'm ever going to see your smile this way." Now I think her smile full of teeth is gorgeous.

Congrats, Erin on loosing your first tooth and good job tooth fairy for being the most awesome fairy in the world!

Courtney said...

LOL. Thanks, Julie. =)