Monday, June 3, 2013

One thousand gifts and still counting (4264-4292)

for grapevines with wild fragrance that I could stand outside in morning quiet and breathe, breathe, breathe it all in
clusters of butterflies in a delicate, fluttering swarm around our car

and a friend to witness it with us as we drove to the playground
water parks on a HOT day
spoonfuls of Dippin' Dots
preferred parking right at the entrance
and witnessing my kiddo ride a roller coaster I rode when I wasn't much older than her

a super kind stranger who gifted a toy to Erin who secretly was hurt she lost
a cat-napping husband on the ride home
for lunches to pack
for answered prayers, even though they weren't the answers I was expecting
a new washer

and the whimsical little tune it plays when my laundry is done
loads of clean clothes to fold and put away
for friends who share their worries and insecurities
air conditioning
yard sales with Erin

our dog
and that she literally stops to smell the roses
tacos for dinner
the charm of art in the park
a visit at David and Anita's house

Erin in their pool fully clothed
and Anita pulling her around like a tug boat
her offers to make me cushion covers for the wicker chairs
being saved from a very near hit in the intersection
chocolate ice cream

Erin up past bedtime coloring at the table next to me
worship, in the every day

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