Sunday, June 23, 2013

Recital 2013

Erin didn't want to dance in the recital this year, and she told me that from day one of ballet. I didn't think much of it. And when the time came to commit to dance in the recital, I asked once more. She was adamant. No.

Well, one day, she let it slip--her reason for not dancing. She didn't want to take her earrings out. When I heard that, I contacted her instructor and asked how to get Erin in. It was too late to order a costume for Erin, but they did want her to dance and wondered if I could borrow another dancer's costume in a different show. So that's what we did.

Erin's earrings came out (and went back in, with much drama--despite no pain). And an awesome mom from another class let us borrow her daughter's costume. Erin really loves dancing. But I think she gets some serious stage jitters--especially if it involves taking her earrings out (if I could tell my mom--I'd say kudos on making me wait to get my ears pierced till I was older. Five was way too young for my girlie).

Lanie is a pro. She thrives on this type of thing. While she might not like talking to people she doesn't know well, she'll dance her heart out in front of a theater full of strangers. (I totally get this.)

Erin going to dress rehearsal
Lanie going to dress rehearsal
Erin, before we left
Love this shot.

Erin. Poor girl.
Erin. Notice the growing apprehension ...

Lanie. She loves to dance.

I only got called back once to comfort Erin before we got our seats. She knew all her moves and was graceful as graceful can be when her group performed. Lanie smiled beams from her face during her dance. Afterwards, David and Anita gifted them each with their own package of cookies.

I clapped and woo-hoo'd and held David's hand. Discovered this remake of a favorite song: Harvest Moon.

Lanie danced to Here Comes the Sun. And Erin's group did (a slightly different version of) this number from Wonderland. (The first time I heard it and saw her dance to it was the day I was heading to meet a friend at Panera, and home was such a multidimensional word. Still is.)

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