Tuesday, September 10, 2013

First Tuesday

The first Tuesday seems like the hardest at the start of the year. The first Monday gets all the glory: seeing old friends, meeting new ones, the excitement of new books--even new pencils seem extra special, and lunches that were normally boring become an anticipated mystery. Especially in a Bento box. With googly eyes.

Baby carrots never tasted so good.

But Tuesday. That's the day after the excitement. When we're all nursing sugar hangovers after the brownie celebration Monday afternoon. When it's trash day and piano lessons and a full day of work. And there's new routine and we're all trying to figure it out. (And mama picks this day for 5:2 ... live and learn.)

We made it through. Work got done. And mostly cheerfully. I only grumbled twice. And someone only cried once. And there were renewed energies after their lunches and pool splashes for a job well done.

I surveyed the wreckage. First Tuesday and it's like the dog shed every hair. And there are dishes in the sink from two meals. And the table is covered by lunch, another table with school work waiting to be checked. And toilets need cleaning (especially the basement after the plumbing fiasco--fortunately remedied!).

All that time, weeks before, I was in nesting mode: organizing linen closets and catching up on laundry and inventorying the pantry. All school supplies placed in a basket and waiting for our first day.

Funny, that.

Funny that in just one day, and the place looks like I never bothered. I'll go through these days making mental notes about things I'll do differently next year.

Happy back to school!

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