Sunday, September 22, 2013


I think it's his favorite place in the world: a beach.

Any beach.

While I'm happy to be tucked away in the woods, he likes salty air and waves and sunshine.

We got away for a very quick trip this weekend. It was one blur, but packed with smiles: a nap in the sand, waves knocking kids over, laughter and smiles, kids running and digging in sand, shell treasures, seagulls, pool swimming, ice cream, pizza, mini golf, boardwalk, shopping, running into friends.

goofing off

she got it down in no time


biggest cheerleaders

A picture of Shane's finger that I happened to photo bomb

the bunny at mini golf

vanilla, vanilla, vanilla
My favorite pizza ever

Erin took this one
And this one too
I have a to-do list whenever we go--and it's all about food. My itinerary looks like this: Dumser's Ice Cream, Fishtales, Tequila Mockingbird, Dough Rollers (for pancakes) and Grotto Pizza. Grotto Pizza is my favorite from childhood, and I'm not sure if it's that connection or that the pizza is really that good, but it's what I often ask Shane to get for my birthday dinner (he never does because it's so far away!). We drove up the coast to Rehobeth Beach and I recognized the place where my parents would stay. There was a Grotto Pizza within walking distance of the hotel (and that's the location we'd always eat at when I was a kid--the one my family goes to is further south). 

"The spring before my mom died, my dad took her here for a last vacation. It was their favorite place to go," I mentioned. I felt teary, wondering what that last getaway held. Did they talk about her dying? Did they reminisce of family vacations? Did they drink coffee and watch sunrises? Did they grab a bite to eat at the pizza place (it was her favorite too)? When my parents got back home, I remember my mom saying she wished it didn't have to end.

Shane tried to find a parking place so we could eat, but it was packed with circling cars and lots of folks--so we just drove to our regular spot. 

The weekend weather was perfect (back home it was raining). We all got our share of sunshine. And we were together. So thankful.

As we pulled into the driveway last night Erin cheered, "We're home!"

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