Monday, September 16, 2013

One thousand gifts and still counting (4721-4763)

that Shane grabbed a googly-eyed water from the fridge
and didn't notice its eyes until later in the day
and laughed when he saw it
chats in the laundry room
a great first day of school for all of us

high school Bible
garage doors up
and belt on the tractor
a phone call from a sister

for verses remembered
and promises kept
that You are faithful
really delicious oatmeal cookies
good coffee

and vanilla stevia drops

a Bible to give away
a mid-morning nap for myself
tomatoes exchanged for basil
a good first full week back to school

coffee at the school table
a fabulous Bible study
and the M&Ms in the candy drawer
good nights of sleep

last pool days
a day with Denise
a trail to ride
oh, that bike
4 o'clock on fast days

ancient grains bread
socks for my feet
my kids laughing on homeschool days
a new closeness with Erin during read alouds
a library run

a dog bone 4 pack
20 miles (TWENTY MILES!)
clean swept floors

treats from the snoball stand
chalk drawings on the sidewalk

hard boiled eggs in the fridge
the kids playing hide and seek before dinner
Denise at the table

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