Monday, September 9, 2013

One thousand gifts and still counting (4673-4720)

leaves falling outside the living room window
cooler temps
open windows

googly eyes for back-to-school lunches

coupons for free stuff
Ivette and Raul
jalapenos to share with neighbors
the extra cabinet space in the utility sink

chocolate chip/white chip cookies in the freezer
a new learning journey
Erica at dinner
how Erin skips and hops and dances wherever she goes
Lanie with me for evening errands

to be home with my kids
to be homeschoolers

and for people who accept us for us
Julie's hand to hold spiritually, even though she's half a world away

waking up on the couch to catch a snippet of a house-hunting episode as the wife tells the realtor they need a homeschool room
for this house, and its homeschool room

house wine
and a cheese platter from Wegmans (cranberry chipotle, oh my, and Camembert)

pink lady apples
the summery sound of lawn mowers
bushy marigolds along the walkway

good music
bikes to ride
last Wednesday in high school
sticky things to keep my maps on the wall

14 miles under my belt
gifted pink garden gloves

a construction paper snake for me to practice wrangle
a bike rack
blue and orange jingle/friendship bracelets

ice cream and magic shell
fireworks at the park
their hands to hold
this zip code
this day

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