Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Half a page

We sat on the rug by the fire most of the afternoon.

She nestled against me while I read Little House in the Big Woods to her. And when the chapter was over, she wanted me to keep going.

She surprised me, though, and started reading to me. One word after another. One sentence after another. Soon she was down half the page.

From time to time she'd ask, "What's this word, Mama?"

I felt so thankful for leisure time ... sitting with my girl ... hearing her read to me. I wondered what the day would be like when she'd pick up a book and read me more than a sentence of single syllables. I'm glad it was a day framed in warmth and ease, time stretched out before us like it went on and on.

(Though it only lasted until the UPS guy showed up with a package bearing shoes for Erin. She immediately wanted to put them on. And she wore them to school today with a dress and tights.)

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