Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Greeted immediately with Thursday scriptures, preparing to post in queue and I can't help but think:

God is awesome.

Erica showed up for pumpkin French toast, with a little in tow who ran laps around the house with Erin. He was a hugger and sweet little boy.

Next, a co-op mom whose son is in Erin's class was coming by with sibs for lunch. In the interim, I chat Christy and check email.


A note from a 66 Books writer a few years ago who wants back in because of the learning he gained from time reading and blogging ... and he misses it ... and is expectant of what 2014 holds for him. (Of course, I said yes!)

Nate and Briann and Hannah and Erin and Lanie. Hide and seek. Playing in the basement. Lunchin' up a storm. Us moms chatting it up, and I really, super liked her. Can't wait to do it again soon. 

I reached out across the coast to a guest writer and he said yes to 2014.

I am amazed.

Just when I wondered if we'd have a sixth year ...

(He gives us the desires of our hearts.)

God, you rock.

Thankful for a day full of very good things. Time spent with others--a love language. And a Father who loves with no end.

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