Sunday, November 17, 2013

Just enough

My energy has been drained this past week.

Long spans of the day are cheery and chipper enough, but afternoons and evenings--I'm done.

We made it to our review. But I couldn't muster any additional energy to grocery shop. Not Wednesday night. Not Thursday. Not Friday. Not Saturday.

I'm thankful for the just enough:

Just enough warmth to fight the chill
Just enough sleep to feel rested
Just enough comfort to sleep through the night
Just enough milk for coffee and cereal
Just enough food to get us to today

I heard it/read it sometime ago that "enough is as good as a feast."

Thankful for dinners from Erica and Linda that got us through the week, and felt like love. (I'm convinced that food is the sixth love language.)

Linda's salad last night was a real delight that will likely appear at my Thanksgiving table this year: Mixed greens, walnuts, almonds, chunked Brie, and peach slices, all drizzled with raspberry syrup.

Hoping today for just enough energy to join weekend crowds at the store.

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