Saturday, November 16, 2013


I discovered Zulily a couple of months ago. I'm not too much of a shopper, unless it's window shopping out of Pottery Barn catalogs. I'm the girl who'll walk into a store and hold onto something for an hour, and then leave without it. Then have remorse I didn't get it. (Or remorse if I did get it. Ugh.)

So on Zulily, I'm browsing these quick deals. I saw infinity scarves, and I really liked them. The price was awesome, so I picked two. Or so I thought. Weeks went by and nothing. No contact. No package. I got a pair of shoes in the mail, and thought for sure I had ordered those scarves already.

I went into email accounts to look if there was mention at all--and nothing about the scarves.

"I can't believe it," I said to Shane. "I thought for sure I had ordered those scarves. What a joke that I've been so looking forward to them showing up! And I wouldn't order any other scarves because I thought I had ordered two. What a disappointment that I didn't order any at all. Ha!"

He laughed. We both did. All this time, I was thinking today's the day.

Then, today really was the day.

Those two scarves I thought I ordered but didn't order (but really did) showed up in my mail box, even though there was no record of payment or shipment in my email.

I opened the package and put one on. It was even prettier than I imagined--and I just laughed.

Silly, I know.

Thankful for something warm and pretty around my neck, for laughter in disappointment, and for laughter in surprise.

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