Friday, November 1, 2013

November 1

This week was a blur.

(I'm not a fan of the blur.)

(Days go by too fast. Not enough done. I can't even remember what we ate. Or said.)

Yesterday Erin had a field trip to a nature center. The GPS took me to a dead end, and we ended up being twenty minutes late.


 Had a chat with a mom about how the days go: and don't we have to get from A to B because there are three other things we need to be doing right now?

(Does life really have to be this way?)

A grocery run, and a friend over for an afternoon of fun ... then dinner ... then trick-or-treating. 

getting ready to go

faces after checking out the bounty
Watching Charlie Brown and eating popcorn

It was dark when we went out. It drizzled a little. But we pressed on for free candy. The pines put out a sappy fragrance, and subbed as umbrellas. There were happy greetings, and a girlie chorus of thanks, and scampering feet across the lawns, and turn-taking for ringing doorbells.

Back home for Charlie Brown, and popcorn by the fire, and I felt so happy. Even though I don't remember what most of the week was like, I hope I never forget this slice of their childhood.

I took Viviana home, and visited with her mom--my friend.

Came home to hearth warmth and a blanket. Then went upstairs to bed. Woke to the richest gray skies and drumming rain--and totally overslept Bible study with Julie in the process. Thinking: I love Fridays. I love sleeping in. I love rain. I love covers. I love November.

Thank you, God.

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