Monday, November 4, 2013

One thousand gifts and still counting (4943-4985)

4943. drumming rain outside the windows
4944. rich gray skies
4945. November

4946. Erin's friend at the table
4947. trick or treat
4948. goody bags
4949. a volunteer day
4950. her message to me

4951. a field trip with friends
4952. and a chat with a mom
4953. cupcakes at Wegmans
4954. vegetable plates at dinner
4955. "home sweet home" scented candle burning in the school room

4956. a day to sleep in
4957. a fleece blanket on the bed
4958. coffee
4959. good friends
4960. greetings with Ivette, Pamela and Helen

4961. someone to come rescue me on the tractor
4962. kindness and smiles from a neighbor
4963. mild temperatures
4964. roller skates
4965. remembrance: He was already there

4966. lights like a runway
4967. video chat with Julie
4968. a quick nap in the lobby
4969. Erin at the skating rink, overcoming the falls to sail past with confidence
4970. a full table at dinner

4971. a day with Denise
4972. Erica's yes to dinner
4973. how a loaf of bread stretched, with pieces left over
4974. a beautiful Saturday morning
4975. a walk in the neighborhood across the big road with Lanie

4976. cold coffee
4977. loud laughs with Shane
4978. for Your provision, Lord
4979. and Shane's yes
4980. for doors You open, when You want them opened

4981. and an extra hour in the day I could spend holding Erin on the couch, watching the sun rise through the woods
4982. blankets and goodies gifted by Christy
4983. a day away for Lanie
4984. for "man glasses" and a husband who paints his daughter's nails
4985. for the exclamatory, teary, dramatic outbursts on a Sunday night that unburden her heart


MarshallsMommy said...

Love you and miss you!!!! I think of you every time I pour myself a cup off coffee.

Courtney said...

I miss you like you don't know. I can only imagine the things we would have gotten into if you were a coffee drinker back then, sewing machines on counter tops.

You are an awesome friend.