Monday, November 25, 2013

One thousand gifts and still counting (5039-5062)

warm scarves
hot coffee

two fires going, luxurious heat
days to just stay home
errand running with Lanie
cookies at David's house with Erin
sitting with him on the couch

holding his hand
Anita and Erin doing Puzzlemania
cookies in a bag for her big sister
a fixed dishwasher
a turkey on sale

yarn and crochet needles
the no yelling challenge
breakfast gobbled by the worship team
Erica's hugs in the lobby
good sleep

a friend's call in her overwhelm
a ride through the woods and over the river
the blustery cold
one day of school this week
a menu to plan

her read aloud to me
her hug and smile when I said I'd save her

1 comment:

MarshallsMommy said...

Ok, you have to tell us what the 'no yelling challenge' is!