Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving stills

Sunny and cold day. Two fires burning. Even the dining room felt warm--a first. Ever. When my dad walked in, I gasped in my mind. I haven't seen him since June, and he has aged years. Maybe the cold air does that, because he seemed to look younger by the time he left.

I wish I saw him more.

He helped me work on an infinity scarf for Erin, since I only know how to crochet granny squares. I think he enjoyed it. I got a note later in my FB inbox of thanks from him.

I'm thankful too.

pecan pie and apple crumb from a nearby bakery

Dad and Linda. He was helping me with a scarf. Apparently the cheese and crackers went over well.

Frenzy and wine

First course

I scored those turkey tea cups a long time ago on a Thanksgiving eve at Home Goods

Shane thinks it's weird I serve soup at Thanksgiving.

Lori, Dad and Linda
I usually invite other friends and families over for Thanksgiving. This year, the family we asked couldn't make it, so it was just us. Erin asked who was coming for dinner and I said, "Granddaddy, Miss Linda and Aunt Lori."

"That's all?!" she asked. Glad that she would think that not having guests at our table would be unusual.

Next year.

The sweet potatoes, stuffing and pecan pie were my favorites. The turkey was dry. Luckily I made gravy (first time getting it right), and that saved it. I feel like we'll be eating pie for a week.

Thankful for a good holiday with my extended family.

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