Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Eve road trip

The kids knew we were planning on hitting the road on Christmas Eve, but we didn't tell them where we were going.

(Note to self: don't mention secret road trips more than 2 hours before departure time, or they will incessantly inquire of the destination for all two weeks leading up to it.)

We got in the car and drove. Snow flurries, light traffic, and old roads of my childhood. I wanted to detour and drive by the old haunts, but we were on a mission. We got to the mall, and it was packed. It's one thing to shop on Christmas Eve when you're not finished. Quite another thing when you can just enjoy the atmosphere, which we did.

We got to the American Girl store and then told the kids to go pick out something within the spending limit.

"I can't decide between this outfit and the roller skates," Erin lamented. And I understood. I'm the same way shopping. We sat down together and she went back and forth. "Maybe I'll get the outfit now. I want to get the skates another time if I get skates."

I knew she was getting skates for Christmas, so I hoped she'd get skates for her doll since it mattered to her.

Still indecisive, I put both boxes behind my back and let her pick randomly. She got the skates. Lanie did too.

big cupcakes afterwards, and Shane got coffee

I couldn't wait for Christmas morning when the kids unwrapped their own skates.

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