Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Cookie plate

Just before the cookie swap, Erin and I ran out to the dollar store and got some cookie platters to give away. When the women were around the table to get cookies, I told them a story about cookie giving.

When we moved here, I felt tired for a lot of reasons. And because of that, I was reluctant to take cookies to this new-to-us "community." But I did it anyway (mostly because my kids were with me, and this is how I'm wired and I wanted to be true to that--for their sake and mine). 

I told these friends around the table how after two years here, one day this fall, a woman came down my driveway for her first time. She talked to me openly, so vulnerable. And since then, we are slowly building a relationship. All because of the cookies, she told me as much.

So I gave these friends a platter to take home, with a recommendation that they share cookies this season with someone they don't know well. 

I'm glad that I didn't stop doing my thing--for this new friend's sake, for my kids' sake, and for mine.

Because it's really not about cookies.


MarshallsMommy said...

LOVE this. You have so inspired me. I was on the fence about who to give treats to this year, feeling overwhelmed and would they think it silly if I did go to the (minimal) trouble. Anyway, thanks for your inspiration. Homemade caramel corn for everyone on our list!

Courtney said...

Yay you! Yay!