Sunday, December 29, 2013

Number 10, what freedom does, and 20 questions

Near the end of the year, I thought I'd see what year-end, fresh-start thinking was out there. I found this post. Loved it.

This year presented its share of frustrations to be sure. But even though some things were a disappointment, I experienced a lightness I never imagined I could know. When Cindy looked at a picture of me recently and commented, "You look so happy."--I wanted to say enthusiastically, "I am!"

This is what freedom does.

I couldn't wait to take review of the year.

1. The single best thing: freedom
3. Unexpected joy: when (a cookie recipient) came down my driveway and asked me to pray for her
5. Three words to describe this year: Freedom. Service. Joy.

9. Most valuable relationships--the ones who didn't follow through--they underscore how much reliability matters
13. Getting back on the bike
16. Most challenging part of my "job": looking at their hearts instead of reacting to their behavior
18. Best use of time: service/hospitality

I hope the year was good to you!

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