Monday, December 16, 2013

One thousand gifts and still counting (5114-5130)

snow days
being at home

her birthday
how she wore a birthday crown the whole day
a special delivery
how she gazed at the doll
and carried it everywhere

a husband who plows and shovels
a playdate with a friend
and the good news for a friend after her (very) bad news

daddy/daughter date to the movies
how Erin stays behind to cookie swap
the start of vacation after school today!
a full roster for 2014
a great visit with a high school friend

the birthday crown

Erica's gift waiting at home after school

celebrating a friend's birthday

birthday kids

cake for a week

friend day

manger play under the tree

getting ready to cookie swap

the goods

Denise and Erica

my best friend in high school

that Erica ...

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