Monday, December 23, 2013

One thousand gifts and still counting (5131-5155)

a warm spell
melted snow
friends at Christmas craft day
worshiping with friends at Christmas church service
a full roster for 66 Books in 2014

sweet gifts
Christy and hand towels and peanut butter blossoms
for Cherry Coke changes
an open spot at the hair salon
and Marshall's mom's ears to hear

a gifted book
and a grandma sweater
confrontation of heart issues
that prepare for a new year
and forward motion

Christmas music
Shane, my best friend
cards in the mail
and extra guests at our dinner table
a dog that waits for me in her crate till I get home

but jumps into the UPS truck to ride with them on delivery
ice cream at night
and Christmas lights on the way home
women who pray
and live a life of example worth following

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