Monday, December 9, 2013

One thousand gifts and still counting (5079-5113)

Christmas music
a princess birthday cake

hugs and kisses from my kids during the lunch hour
last days of savoring six
Wegman's hazelnut coffee pods
comfy shoes
packages in the mail

mild days
a neighbor's towering gift of treats
and the squeal pitch screams of two girls
pictures outside
peanut butter birdseed pine cones

lights across the mantel
texts with Christy
Marshall's mom's voice
long cuddles with Erin on an easy day
white lights in the bay windows

prepping for a snow day party
and the party that got replaced by the snow day
the four of us sliding down the hills
slope sliders and sleds
a scarf and gloves

two fires burning
cake for four
and the mini snowmen sundaes
for friends who sent happy wishes
and warm wishes

a view from the front door, her kids shoveling and playing in the snow
Nella running in the snow
homeschool skate
and Erin ditching the skate walker to go out in the big rink
making friends--Jane and her daughter and friend

the three girls holding hands around and around the big rink
Zoe at dinner with us
a (nearly) full roster for 66 Books 2014 (just a half spot left)

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