Monday, December 23, 2013


A couple of weeks ago I met up with two friends at Panera for coffee and catching up.

Then last week, we all got together again for an enormous breakfast with our kids. Three moms. Eleven kids. It was good stuff.

There's nothing like a sigh at the end of the year, being with people who let you put your guard down.

These moms are real.

I love that I can be me when I'm with them. And they can be themselves. And we don't feel a need to compete with each other.

I can tell them about the struggles I have, and they have compassion. (And sometimes I discover we're all struggling with the same things, and then there's a relief that we're not alone in this.)

My family and I polished off the yummy cookies N gave us. And I'm still wearing the awesome hat her husband and daughter made with the knitting loom. (When I saw her wearing her hat a few weeks ago, I remember thinking how much I liked it and wanted to make one for myself ... if I had a knitting loom. So it was a delightful surprise when the little box she handed me contained a hat with the craziest, happiest green I had ever seen.)

LOVE it. Love it.

We will be delivering Christmas cookies to neighbors today, and I will wear the hat festively and happily, feeling totally covered in love of a friend.

(This is the life.)

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