Thursday, December 5, 2013


A neighbor just dropped off a tower of treats for the kids. What a tower! What squeals! What chocolate!

Giant chocolate coins, nuts, cheeses, M&Ms, Christmas foil-wrapped chocolate balls, toffees, white chocolate pretzels, oh, and the chocolate mouse.

Erin holds the mouse and looks at it. Lanie is not a fan of chocolate. She's a vanilla girl. I say to Erin privately, "You can have the chocolate mouse."

"I'll just eat the head," she offers.

"You can have the whole thing."

"Really!?! I'm going to write you a 'thank you' note!"

Now that's some gratitude.


Erin's friend Cara is celebrating seven today. Her party is next weekend. Erin says to me, "Mom. You know how Cara's birthday is coming up? Well I was wondering, since I'm trying to save my money to buy a car and a house, can I use some of your money to pick something out from the school store?"


the effect of chocolate on Erin

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