Thursday, January 16, 2014


It was 3 o'clock and I stayed under covers a little while longer, just until I reached that line of sleep or wake. I decided--wake.

Made his lunch.

Fixed a cup of coffee. Then, a bit later, another. Chatted a friend in India. Wrote. Checked Facebook. Finished up post for 66 Books. Fixed eggs and toast. Orange juice. Salted dark chocolate. Champion breakfast.

Erin asked for breakfast. "Do you know what I had yesterday?" She likes her cereal dry sometimes.

Um, yellow 5 and 6? I thought, after reading that book yesterday about soy, milk, GMOs, and artificial everything. 

"Life cereal," I answered instead.

Served it up, with a side of mama guilt. Yellow 5 and yellow 6.

Lanie is upstairs singing. Heater hums and the sky is gray and there is a forecast of flurries. I read a story of a day in the life, and think it would be nice to bake some cookies today. And maybe I could find a tutorial on knitting ... yarn is half off at Joanne's and Michael's. (I have yet to finish the infinity scarf my dad helped me start back at Thanksgiving.)

Erin spreads a blanket across the rug in the school room to make a picnic space to do her math sheets.

History, language arts, math, science, biography on MLK, a grocery run.

A day in the life, indeed.


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