Monday, January 6, 2014

One thousand gifts and still counting (5176-5204)

a drive by the canal
a welcome sign on the other side of the bridge
their smiles and waves at the front door when we pulled up
lunch with Marshall (and his mom and sisters)
lights in a wine bottle

shining at me on my counter
a good friend who leaves me feeling encouraged and rested
two fires burning
that song on the radio that made me laugh out loud at the timing

a movie with Denise
running into Shana
shopping at Wegmans with a friend
muffins for breakfast
and good coffee

for a fabulous end to Bible reading in a year
and a great beginning for 2014
for easy reasons to live wholehearted
celebrating after a friend gets her ears pierced

and the ones that will stretch me
prayers answered

fireworks at the new year
this life
the woods
January birthdays
big salads in big bowls

skate days
a great friend for many years, Friday skate

heat in the upstairs
my big girl growing up
and the closeness we can share


MarshallsMommy said...

You make my heart smile!

Courtney said...


Love you!