Wednesday, January 22, 2014

One thousand gifts and still counting (5223-5244)

I camped out on the couch on Sunday with blankets and a book. It felt really good to stretch out, and prepare for a nap. I said to Shane, "It has been years since I've napped on a weekend." Thoughts of life before, and the summer hum of his tractor cutting the grass, windows open, fragrant scents. Those were napping weekends. Weekends now in some form or another of disarray--like how the winter break seemed to fly past, and I realized I had not even started a project. This prompted the mad rush to clear out the laundry room (which is still a heap in our school space) so that we could patch and spackle and paint it.

Last Sunday, I wasn't thinking about the laundry room. There may or may not have been a fire burning in the woodstove. I was asleep before I knew it. Woke to the first twinges of body aches and dizziness. No appetite. Extremely tired. Morphing into extreme body aches and chills. I was out.

Thankful for:

blankets on the couch
a book to read

a husband who entertained the kids
back-ups at co-op to fill in for my classes on Monday
a friend to take Lanie to school
and that Erin stayed home with me (her fever spiked Monday afternoon)
that man of mine, who brought home juice and Popsicles and graham crackers for his daughter

Day 2: me; Day 1: Erin

catching up on episodes of Sofia the First and Dora
Erin in my arms
a safe ride home for Shane in the snow
that Lanie is able to fix foods for herself
that she is spared, so far, from flu

neighbors and school friends who offer to get things for us
and having enough
a big ole pot of chicken soup simmering on the stove
feeling improvement on day 4
a cleared driveway

that bed of fluffy covers and pillows
sleep, sleep, sleep

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