Thursday, February 6, 2014

In the house on snow days

We've been taking it kind of easy the past week. Lots of county school cancellations affected us in co-op. The load has been lighter, which is good, because we have catching up to do, still, from the flu.

Lanie gave me a book to read, a favorite of hers from last year's literature list: Treasures of the Snow by Patricia St. John. She gave it to me so many months ago, and I'm just getting around to reading it. I'm halfway through it, and love it too. This sticks with me:

"I mean that if you spend your time putting the love of your heart into what you do for those who are not your friends, you may often be disappointed and discouraged. But if you keep on trying you will find your happiness in loving, whether you are loved back or not." 

Erin has graduated from saying cinamost toast crunch to cinnamon toast crunch. She still says yogrit and blanklet.

We had an ice storm move through the area. I was up at 5 to catch school closings, and when I learned we were closed, I went back to sleep. The power went out shortly after. I regretted not staying up and drinking coffee. No power equals no water, coffee, heat. We got it back in the afternoon, and the first thing we did was flush toilets, make coffee and hot cocoa. Then we went into cleaning mode to prepare the house for any friends who needed a place to stay the night or charge up.

We lost some tree limbs from the weight of ice on branches. We didn't have any serious damage, and I was thankful for many things, especially a warm home.

the pines were so weighted and droopy
the cherry tree in ice

some pine branches down; we lost other branches in other parts of the yard as well

beautiful light through ice as it melted in the afternoon

I didn't waste any time brewing coffee this morning. We are back to school work now, fire in the fireplace, bellies full, and bodies warm. The ice was pretty, but so glad it has melted!


MarshallsMommy said...

Love the picture of your dinner bell - gorgeous!

Courtney said...

Oh thanks, friend! I love it too. I think it's my favorite of winter: so drippy frozen, gray and haunting. I would want to frame it, but I think Shane would not like it. He's anti-winter. ;)

R. Julie said...

I love the bell too. Totally frame it; and then frame one from spring, summer, and fall. Hang them next to each other and you have a set ;) It would be beautiful and artistic - just like you!