Monday, February 17, 2014

One thousand gifts and still counting (5289-5316)

a great group of high schoolers
class in a circle on the floor

Zach and Lindsey having lunch with me
a gift run just before the snow storm
and a stop for frozen yogurt before heading home
Lindsey's warmest welcome and hug at seeing us
snow that started to fall, just as we neared home

a bag of library books
that amazing vanilla almond bread from the bakery
Shane's gloves

a chat with Marshall's Mom that made me so thankful for her friendship
that shirt in the mail that made Shane smile when I wore it (I (heart) my awesome husband)
a coffee delivery
neighbors with a snow blower who came calling with gifts
how he cleared our driveway (because he's got the biggest heart)

cookie baking with the girls
a chat by phone with Linda
Fridays with Julie
for a legacy a friend's father leaves behind
cookies to deliver

and Erin's decision to take them to doors herself
coffee with Helen at the kitchen table
a ride home for Erin after a frustrating evening
a warm house

how she listed me as family

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