Friday, February 14, 2014

Scattered hearts

Erin remembered and reminded me the other day about the scattered paper heart trail I'd leave for them on Valentine's Day, starting outside their bedroom doors, down the steps, to the kitchen table where a small gift awaited. This year's surprise is a plush "big eye" toy, and a small heart-shaped box of chocolates.

Googled recipes for buttermilk pancakes. And today, we'll bake off some chocolate heart cookies.

Big snow came through yesterday, and we enjoyed being in the house. Lanie said it was the perfect day for staying in pajamas and reading a book in bed. Surprisingly, Erin didn't even go outside. I only did to shovel off the patio and to greet some friends who ventured down the driveway (cutting a path with their snow blower!) to drop off a few things for us. A snowy encore performance last night leaves a new layer of shoveling, and maybe we'll get some sledding in later.

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