Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Going through the day with this cutie.

Yesterday she had a wiggly tooth. I heard her mention to the first grade teacher, "Can I see my mom for a minute?"
"No, she's with other kids right now. You can see her at the break."

She sat down.

At the break she was by my side, arms wrapped around me, crying because her tooth was bothering her. I gave her a hug and asked her if she wanted me to pull it out. She said no.

I left for home and returned for afternoon classes. Several moms told me she was looking for me.

"Was it her tooth?" I asked.

"Yes, it came out."

I went to her Spanish class and opened the door. She saw me and came running, smiles.

"I pulled it out myself!"

"You are so brave," I told her. (Later she told me she didn't feel brave because she was scared, and I told her that sometimes bravery is doing what you have to do, even when you're scared.)

She had a tea party birthday to attend last night. When I got her back, she was giggles and loud. Tooth under pillow that night. And a dollar appears by morning.

Her hair was in her face at the table and I pulled it back, and she was transformed into such a little girl. Two little piggy tails.

I held her in my arms and kissed her rapid fire on her cheeks and she laughed and laughed.

"If you reach 100, I'll explode," she told me.

So I kept it up to peals of laughter as she counted higher and higher.

"Poof!" I said when we passed 100.

This is how we slow time. Even the snow fell slower.


MarshallsMommy said...

Pretty girl! Looks like her mama!

Courtney said...