Friday, March 21, 2014


First day of spring--I spent it wearing a fleece jacket and had a fire going in the school room. I'm always cold. It felt warmer outside in the sunshine getting the wood than it did walking through the laundry room.

Trying to plot out the days before the green season is upon me. A few lingering inside things to wrap up.

I loved the days off this winter, loved the smoke smells, lap blankets, books to read. Loved the feel of time slowing down. And now I'm looking forward to warmer temperatures, woodland fragrance, worked muscles and sunshine. Oh, and my bike.

Happy spring!

still have to finish doors and cabinets (and doorknobs)

the kind of snow drops I want to see

gardens to prep

spring riders

lots of branches to pick up--some as big as trees

the only flowers in bloom, but lots of blades peeking out from the ground


Nora said...

I'm kind of sad to see winter too. I love the wardrobe! :)

Nora said...

I meant sad to see winter GO too.

Courtney said...

I love winter for hibernating, and the clothes are good too.