Sunday, March 2, 2014

Hang it up

I can't stand how the wall  maps look on the wall. I never planned to have them like this--sticking them up on the wall was a temporary fix while I was in search of the perfect frame at Goodwill, yard sales and antique shops. I thought maybe I could affix some clips on the frame to swap out the maps for kids' artwork and stuff. But the perfect frame never came.

Then, the other day scooting through the pages of Pottery Barn, I saw this.

It looks like a measure with clips stuck on it. Then I realized: I don't need a big frame. I just need a stick with clips on it. And, to my surprise, Shane agreed.

dark walnut, I love you

bare board

first coat


I got a roll of magnetic tape too and the magnetic bulldog clips. I have a long board for the maps (42 inches. I can hang the two together, with the world map in front). I also had Shane cut a smaller one (18 inches) to hang on the wall for the kids' artwork.

I got two coats of stain on, and finished with a top coat of polyurethane. I'll put up a finished picture after I get the wall all put together. We've only lived here two and a half years, and finally getting this room put together.

Lots of pre-spring to-do's. I really want to be finished with the getting things done so that I can enjoy some spare time. I can only imagine all the books I'd read. 

Looking forward to a winter storm and hoping to maintain electric. I'm drinking coffee first thing. Next week has to get warmer.

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