Thursday, March 13, 2014


A friend has a friend who also lives in the woods. Sometimes when I mention the challenges of living in the woods, she says her friend also has the same challenges--mostly to do with natural light, forever snow, and spooky trees in weather events.

"It was downright creepy with the ice storm we had," I told her. "I was outside photographing the ice on the trees, and unexpectedly a pine limb came crashing down."

"Yeah, the winds and ice. My friend's husband says he lies in bed at night just waiting to die," she said, laughing.

"What?!" I asked.

"You know, when a tree is just going to fall on the house and kill them."

The thrills of woods life.

Sneak peeks of the goings on:

Probably the arrangement we'll go with, except with real stuff and it will be straighter because Shane will hang it

For painting the trim in the laundry room

Gray Owl by Benjamin Moore--very fresh and bright

Place holders on the wall--didn't like this one as much


MarshallsMommy said...

Ooooh love... totally going to paint my next project 'Gray Owl'! Have been looking for the right color - thanks for the inspiration!

Courtney said...

I got it color matched at Lowe's in eggshell. Just enough sheen for good light reflection. Take a picture and show me what you do with it. Gray is my favorite color this year.