Thursday, March 6, 2014

To the point

  • He told me the dog cried after I left, then went to her space and didn't come out till I came home. My heart surged with love for this pup who has changed our lives. 
  • Kids at a table, and we're trying to slow down and eat meals for enjoyment--not for rush. The girls start singing along with the radio, songs we've heard a million times. They knew all the words. I did not. Heart felt happy for the words they were singing. 
  • Sitting by the fire and reading Dr. Doolittle with Erin. She curled right up in my arms. The hot blast was wonderful and unbearable at the same time. We couldn't turn away.
  • Writing elsewhere about clover and big sky. A #tbt prompt. Big sky. It still takes my breath away, just as much as these little faces do.

  • We have discovered the sweet delight of dark chocolate tucked inside a French bread hunk, just warmed. It is a four o'clock favorite here, for all of us.
  • I arrived at school yesterday and realized I left my purse at home. The next moment, I realized I was still wearing my snake stompers (for the trek to the street with the trash cans). Later I went home on break to get my purse and change shoes. I remembered the purse ... Shane said I have got to stop wearing my stomps in public. (I wore them to the library today because I didn't feel like looking for socks. The boots are lined and toasty.)

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