Sunday, April 6, 2014

At all times

We've been gogogo for the past few days. I have a friend whose life is a steady stream of stuff to do and I always thought I could never be like that. It sounds exhausting. And here I was. I had lists of things timed down to the minute on some days. And, now that I'm home and it's all finished, I don't feel the least bit exhausted. Everything got done.

One of the things scheduled today was helping Lanie's best friend's mom host a birthday party. She did most of the stuff, honestly. I was just an extra set of hands and the person behind the lens so that mama could enjoy her kids.

I loved every minute of it. And not only that, I had some great time getting to know her. I left loving her even more.

We made decoupage picture frames with scrapbook paper. And we also did friendship bracelets, inspired by this Pinterest find using leather, ribbon and fabric. I added bracelet closures. We tied each girl's name onto the bracelet she made, but then mixed bracelets up in goody bags as a sign of friendship for one another. Jiliann's mother suggested the girls could pray for one another.

A friend loves at all times. Proverbs 17:17. 

I'm thankful for the very good friends I have in my life.

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