Monday, April 28, 2014

One thousand gifts and still counting (5486-5512)

the view from camera three

a message on meaning (say it before the funeral)
and how it underscores to number days
Erica's hug
planning for the leadership summit

for cancelled plans
an open Sunday afternoon with my family
coconut cream pie bars in the fridge for dessert

for birthdays uncelebrated and life celebrated
a second wind

clean windows
a visit with Joel
sitting with thoughts on house and home
a smile and a wave and stepping right over the stone

a sale on azaleas for the patch in front
Erin's helpful hands to pot a plant
chalk art on the patio
Tuesday Bible study
the wrestle with application

a great homeschool review
three weeks left in co-op
a hug at Sandy's and her love
and Linda's love too
the Holy Spirit's changes to my heart and life

a renewal to live whole hearted
new shoes for Erin

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