Wednesday, May 7, 2014


rainbows everywhere

sunny selfie

blue sky

hound dog
Morning surged and we went along with it. Piano lessons, a cookie delivery to a friend, a library run and then bread samples--oh lavender rosemary. Delightful. We bought extra loaves and delivered them to neighbors. Bike riding. Book report. Robert Frost. I read the poem out loud to Erin, and whether to her or myself, tears at the end of that road he chose.

We warmed ourselves in sunshine, and she picked dandelions and blew their seeds across the lawn. I caught their flight by phone. 

The last days of school approaching and I'm counting down. Three co-op days left. I will miss Rachael sitting next to me during spelling; kids making a running break for the playground during intermission. I will remember how Lauren lost her hum and we found it (along with her smile); Matthew's bravery and how his hand always shot up to answer a question; the giant box of donuts Grant brought in; Cody's stories about his grandma; Lindsey's tenderheartedness; Emily's friendliness; Kaitlyn's smiley button gift; Thomas's happiness; and how Zach would surprise me with his insights when I wondered if anyone was paying attention. I will treasure the friendships made, especially with Jennifer and Sandy.

Thankful for poetry.

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