Monday, May 19, 2014

One thousand gifts and still counting (5552-5576)

last days of school
the note from Matthew, with thanks and calling me friend
mulch for the gardens
and, of course, the gardens

roller skating with friends
Michael Jackson's music
a sleepover for Lanie with her bestie
popcorn and a movie
playing Connect Four and memory games with Erin

sleep-in mornings
a rainy morning perfect for sorting through the work of the school season
a sunny weekend
that all the pieces came with this cart
Shane as he zipped around

his birthday
what a great dad he is
and a best friend and husband
worship at church
how the field smells when I cut the grass

kids running and hiding in the woods
how the girls ride bikes all over this place
God's faithfulness
a blanket across my shoulders
crosses wrapped in white lights


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