Monday, May 26, 2014

One thousand gifts and still counting (5577-5603)

a good pool opening
friends over for bike riding
how they flew down the hill
Nutella brownies

celebrating last school days
windows open
bluest skies
the green season
the little white flowers bundled in her hand

a haircut
the best kiddos
a bagel run at Panera on an errand morning
how it took a minute to recognize her face
contentment (joy and peace) in the now

a friend in Teena
Jiliann over on a Friday night
that Kellie wants to stay longer, as much as her kids do
his help in the garden

the things sacrificed for others
lemon in water
kids on bikes
a fire pit (space)

chatting with Julie
plans for a mom's night
a good night's sleep

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