Sunday, May 18, 2014

School's out

We had our last day of co-op on Wednesday.

Thursday was a mulch delivery. A friend asked how my first day off was.

"What day off?" I asked. "I hauled mulch for four hours today."

Friday brought rain. I slept in till seven with a backdrop patter of rain and gray skies. I glanced over at my spiral notebook of boxes I checked throughout the year and realized for that, for now, I don't have to fill up my days with so much to-do.

The days, for now, look like this: work in the garden; hang out with my people. And with the exception of get-togethers and books to read, that's all I want to do. (Ok, so we'll keep rolling with math and a delightful summer reading list.)

white azalea

these beauties gifted from Linda


buttercups in the field

I have no idea what this is

8 yards of mulch remaining.

Erin's science project

this gorgeous day


heart caption for Mother's day
wagon ride through the yard

Lanie had a friend sleep over Friday night after skate. We had a yummy French toast bake for breakfast--and I made some sausage up too, for Shane. It was his birthday. Shane assembled the cart he ordered. Next thing he's zipping down to my "fire pit" and carrying off the remaining cinder blocks. With glee. Then he comes driving past with Lanie and her friend. They go around the property. Next they come through and Erin is in the mix. I was cutting the field, so I didn't have my camera on me. I howled with laughter. They were absolutely adorable.

I got a shot of the kids today.

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