Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A trip to the zoo

I think the last time we went to this zoo was four years ago. Lanie was in second grade. It was fall. Our former house was on the market. We might have had a house showing that day, but I remember making sure the place was show-ready before we headed out.

I remember sitting along the curb because tables and benches were full and we ate a snack with some friends from our (then) co-op. I noticed the area yesterday when we were tableside eating lunch. Lanie remembered too.

Four years. A lot has happened.

Recently, I said to Shane, "In five years, the kids probably won't use the playset anymore."

Then the shock, "In five years, Lanie will be going on seventeen. Whoa."


Some phone-photo highlights of our day. Rain and thunderstorms were in the forecast, but not a drop fell on us while we were there. Hooked up with some homeschool families for the last week of school/group field trip discounts at the zoo.

I can't remember ever going into the kids' zoo within the zoo. I'm sure I might have at least once, but it all looked new to me. The grim forecast meant the zoo was uncrowded. It turned out to be a delight.

Oh my gosh I love these kids! The picture of Lanie and Erin in the bubble cracks me up!

Saw this sign about turtles. Zeroed in on the part about home--that word is rich and multidimensional to me. Apparently, it is for turtles too.

Had a chat with a friend as we watched our children slide down the tree slide. Her story is different from mine and with kids nearing leaving the nest, we talked on thoughts of home and from their perspective. The importance (and deep-seated need) of having a place to return to, a place that welcomes.

"One of the only places I considered home was the house I lived in for thirteen years as a child," I told her. "After that, we moved around a lot, and the college years were full of change too. I never really had an attachment to places. Even after marrying, Shane and I left our first place together after two years. I think I was surprised leaving our ten-year house was so difficult (in the last weeks). I hadn't realized the attachment I had to it. But our house now, it felt like home before I even lived there. Maybe because it reminds me of my childhood."

She paid me a dear compliment. I don't think she realizes how much I'll treasure it. 

The kids and I got home in time to swim. I even grabbed a little nap on the couch (the one in the school room--I love it! So comfy! In my favorite room of the house!).

I love summer vacation.

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