Sunday, June 1, 2014


a bench my dad built

Linda and Dad

Linda's garden

She loves her garden. She loves flowers. She loves us too.

Linda treated us to a delightful lunch with some yummy carry out from a nearby restaurant. We ate on her front porch. Her yard has pockets of interest and history. The maple she and her former husband planted. The Chinese dogwood. The garden with irises and herbs. A deck my dad built her. Ivy that looked intentional and tidy.

I listened to the sound of the wind chimes. Listened to my children's laughter. Listened to the sound of my dad's voice.

The brie was soft. The tea was sweet. The sky was perfectly blue and studded with summery clouds. Afterwards, we piled into Shane's car, and my dad treated the kids to ice cream. He and Linda got twists in cups. The kids got ice cream and Italian ice combos.

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